Russian wife vs American wife: what to expect in 2020?

The myth about their difference: is it still so?

Pretty little housewife

Less materialistic and costly

Sexiness: always ready!

How to date Russian mail order brides nowadays

Extra tips on getting a Russian wife


The myth about their difference: is it still so?

If you ever were fascinated by Russian women’s beauty, you probably wonder what makes them so special and so different from western girls. There are many aspects to reveal.

First of all, it was two or three decades ago that Russian brides were complete opposite to American ones. Times are changing fast, and Eastern European countries are developing.

So it would be more correct to show step by step, and trait by trait how exactly Russian women differ from our local girls and what it means in terms of relationships.Russian and Ukrainian women

Pretty little housewife

This idealistic pattern existed in America in 50s – 60s, before women understood that wide opportunities of the USA can be used by themselves as well, not only by men.

To be honest, Slavic girls exploited this idealistic image a lot when they became first members of now famous Russian and Ukrainian marital agencies.

In some way, they did it unintentionally since it’s completely natural for Russian women to be feminine and elegant. It makes them the stars of pinup in those cute dolly-doll dresses, with wavy hair.

But if to analyze how the photos of Russian mail order brides have changed for last two decades, it’s easy to see their face expressions turned more confident and strict.

Women definitely have a bit different priorities today, they learned to be focused on their serious job positions as well, not only on their domestic chores. They got careers and businesses.American wife

Although Russia and Ukraine still cannot be called feminist countries, the tendency already exists. The economics is developing and big start-up projects became a part of everyday reality.

But in case of Eastern Europe, it isn’t bad. Even the most successful women in Ukraine and Russia don’t mind a partnership or marriage with a western man. They just become less dependent.

To be honest and realistic, only a village girl from Russia would accept today to be a full time housekeeper. Modern women want a maid and some good job even after relocating to the US.

It means, Russian brides got the same values as western ones, but they are in a golden middle right now as they still need a family as a social institute and emotional shelter. They remain committed.

Less materialistic and costly

Before commenting this aspect, let’s decide first how a western man measures the level of woman’s materialistic attitude. Men’s opinions on this subject actually differ a lot.

For some of them, a girl’s inability or unwillingness to pay for her cup of tea in a cafe is already a problem. While the others start to wonder only after sending a few big amounts of money.

Dating experts think that Russian women’s mentality makes them expect courtship, and it includes paying the bill, bringing the gifts from abroad, as well as shopping.

Some girls are polite enough not to ask about that directly, but statistics show, even if they like a man a lot, they won’t initiate a relationship without a perspective of courtship and support.american asian women

Successful and/or prosperous Russian and Ukrainian women can be divided into two categories. One category is ok with travelling or relocating at their own cost.

Another category wants even a wealthier partner than themselves, even more profit than they currently have, and have enormous expectations in a longer perspective.

And let’s not forget about scammers who definitely take everything they can from a man victim. Luckily, their rip-off possibilities are severely limited unless a man is too naive.

So, basically, if you’re just dating or hookuping a Russian girl, it’s normal to buy her little things and a meal. The same happens in the Philippines, Brazil, or Cuba for example.

But if you are about to marry a Slavic woman, test her intentions more than twice, without being paranoid. The most vicious ones have already learned to profit from the divorce process.

It doesn’t happen often though. In general, Russian women are sincerely interested in a long-term partner who would help them adapt to another society and start a new family.

That’s why we dare to say even the sharks of ripoff in Russia will never be able to compete with a big number of greedy American women whose ambitions are focused on a rich husband.

Sexiness: always ready!

It’s well-known that American women either don’t want sex or want it on their own conditions. Sex workshops and seminars for women had their effect, not always positive.

A simple act of love and mutual caressing turns into the most complicated and woman-centered process that in fact kills all romance and peace between two.

In all other days, when the queen doesn’t plan to be scientifically satisfied during two or three hours, she is too busy with her queen stuff at the office so a man has zero chances at all.

That is so opposite to Russian or Ukrainian women. There is a local joke about them, that after work they manage to feed all family, clean, make the laundry, and be a great lover all night.

Usually, after moving abroad, with a partner or without, Slavic women work a lot. Two or three jobs are a norm for them. Yet, they never lose passion and natural sexiness.

Sugar babies or trophy wives do not avoid sex either. Men who complain about that, should start from themselves and at least go to a family psychologist together. Maybe, something is missed.

This trait doesn’t change with time, it still can be said that Russian girls are in general much hotter, sexier, and more enthusiastic about sex than western wives. It makes them desirable!


How to date Russian mail order brides nowadays

Russian dating today cannot be compared to that in 2000. Many things have changed. Both positive and negative factors have affected this important process, but first of all, the real experience.

On the beginning, both sides expected too much from each other. Russian women wanted a prince charming who will come in the white Lexus and solve all their problems.

Western men, meanwhile, wanted a perfect princess who is drop-dead gorgeous yet down to earth, always wears fancy dresses and lingerie yet doesn’t ask for money, and smiles no matter what.

From both sides, the hopes failed. Participants grew more realistic and mature. Women stopped to jump to every train without caution and pre-consideration, they learned to analyze.

Some stories ended in divorce, others led to abusing or sexual exploiting even on the early stage. Also men were hiding their real financial situation, real age, real marital status.

Ukrainian Women: Gold Diggers or Best Wife!


However, westerners were a bit disappointed too. Mostly, by scammers and women who appeared bad wives: too fraudulent or too depressed and homesick for succeeding in new life.

For a certain period of time, both sides remained poisoned by doubts, fears, and criticism. But then two cultures finally merged, two countries became more equal economically, and things got better.

Today, every Russian woman is testing a man she is interested in, but a western man is testing a woman as well. They are more straightforward, honest, healthily curious, and more balanced, too.

Men calmly plan their budget, their vacations, study the fiancée visa process thoroughly, but first and foremost, they try to define whether a girl is a wife material or just a hookup material.

While Russian and Ukrainian women are explaining the visa process to a man, make sure he understood and can afford it, ask him directly about his previous marriage, children, house, and job.

It is recommended to keep on being transparent enough from both sides, and not to hurry with vital decisions. Mutual politeness and respect are necessary as well.


Extra tips on getting a Russian wife

In some regards, Eastern European mentality didn’t change at all. For example, it is always possible to win a Russian girl’s heart by taking care of her close people.

Some men bring the gifts to a woman’s child or elderly parent if they want to have casual sex, but in her eyes, it’s a serious step towards lasting togetherness. Just be aware of that.

Also it is advised not to argue on very heavy matters such as politics, a woman’s role is society, your negative experience, etc. Stay in harmony, and appreciate each other!



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  1. Rodgers

    While women often feel shame after having an encounter with a man, men generally experience regret about their selection of a partner, based on appearance alone.

  2. Agnes

    It’s essential for men to learn how to please women based on their physical reactions, rather than on what they look like.

  3. Mendoza

    In fact, 90 percent of college women reported having sex with an unmarried man during a hookup, with the emotional risk often outweighing the physical danger.

  4. Alberta

    In a survey, conducted in 2001, the Institute for American Values found that 63% of college-age women hoped to meet their future spouse while in college.

  5. Sallie

    Consequently, if you’re a woman of color who’s looking for a partner, it is a good idea to find a group of men who aren’t interested in dating or pursuing a relationship with you.


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