Planning A Wedding In Russia

russian marriage

Planning A Wedding In Russia

Russian marriage is something more than a wedding ceremony. It is an official contract between two persons, which defines the legal rights and duties of both. Russian marriage records are kept in the government archives in each region, town or city. Marriage certificates are also available online, but you must have your birth certificate before you apply.

In order to marry in Russia you will need the consent of your spouse. You can apply for a Russian marriage visa online with your foreign spouse. If your spouse does not have a Russian passport you may be eligible for a visa without a Russian birth certificate or without a Russian notary. If your spouse has a Russian passport and you have applied for a Russian visa you must have proof of your marriage from the Russian government.

Obtaining marriage certificates and Russian visas may be required by some Russian laws and by some foreign governments. Marriage is an institution in almost every country in the world. The marriage certificate serves as proof of marriage for Russia and for some other countries it is called a death certificate. It is important to have a Russian marriage certificate and/or Russian death certificate if applying for a Russian passport or visa.

To marry in Russia you must be a Russian citizen. Otherwise you will need to get a visa. Once you are a permanent resident of the country, you can apply to get married. You will need to prove that you are financially capable of supporting yourself for at least six months and you will also have to show that you have a legitimate reason for wanting to marry a Russian citizen.

To marry in Russia you should get a Russian visa and then visit the embassy of your native country. At the embassy you will have to prove that you are not going to marry someone to get a Russian passport. There will be many forms to fill out and you will have to be prepared to spend many hours filling them out and filing them. If you are not a skilled person filling out forms, it is best if you have someone do it for you.

After you complete the marriage application form you should visit a consular officer who will assist you in getting a Russian visa. This visa will only last for two years and you will have to come back to apply for a new visa every two years. Once you complete the marriage ceremony you should return to the Russian embassy and you should be able to walk down the aisle holding the hand of your bride to be.

Obtaining a Russian marriage certificate is easy. Within two to three weeks of your wedding date you can have the documentation mailed to you via regular mail. Most consuls will handle this process personally, but there are companies online that offer to deliver it to you in as little as 60 days. If you find yourself in Russia around sixty days prior to the wedding you should have your Russian wedding certificate within two to three weeks. Obtaining Russian citizenship will take at least a year and you will need to be living in the state for at least one year after you become eligible.

Russian laws don’t allow any gay weddings so you may want to consider another country if you want to marry someone of the same sex. You will still need to go through all the same procedures and paperwork to get married though. It’s always a good idea to consult with an experienced marriage consultant before you begin planning your wedding day. You can start planning your trip to Russia right away because it doesn’t take long to find a specialized tour operator or hotel in Russia to provide you with expert advice and travel details.