How to hook up Russian girls safely and cheaply

Russia as a perfect country for sex tourism

Where to find a Russian girl for hookup without rip-offs

How to disappear after hooking up


Russia as a perfect country for sex tourism

It became popular to visit Russia for casual sex, for many reasons. Russian women are beautiful, tall, smart, and they became more open-minded after the USSR has fallen apart.

It’s quite difficult to approach a girl in Europe or in the west who looks like a top-model. But it’s not an issue in Russia and Ukraine, because just every girl is extremely hot yet down-to-earth.

Lots of men explain their choice to travel exactly to Russia by the overall quality of women plus the inexpensive pickup process. Both points are to be discussed though.hook up sex women

If you’re a beauty admirer and want gorgeous casual partners only, Russia is definitely your choice. You just have to consider a few important moments to make sure her beauty is real.

  • When you see a girl with super-long hair and eyelashes, be aware it’s fake. Moreover, this kind of girls charges a man for being with them, to pay for their fake stuff.
  • On the opposite, when you see a girl with silicone breasts and lips, be sure it’s a hookup material. They used to have casual affairs although claim to seek a husband.
  • Sometimes, Russian women indicate the false age in their profiles. So, when you meet them, you see more wrinkles or more fat than you expected. Just to let you know.
  • Girls know that western men prefer blondes. Although there are many natural blondes in Russia and especially in Belarus, around 60 percent of girls lighten their hair.
  • For going out, especially to nightclubs, Russian girls use tons of makeup. If you want to see them without it, go jogging in the parks every morning, there are plenty.

Now you know how to find naturally beautiful and qualitative girls in Ukraine or Russia. But then comes another question, how to detect if they’re sexy enough for hooking up?

Again, it depends on your definition of sexiness and your particular requirements. Some men say even the most passive girl without any initiative in a bed is ok for them as long as she’s pretty.

While others enjoy pro-active, even dominating women lovers only. They don’t want to waste their vacation time on anyone who wouldn’t entertain them in a bed.

Both categories of men want free hookups though. They could get what they want, from professional escort girls, but the low-budget option is more attractive to them.

Therefore, it makes sense to give recommendations on finding the low-budget hookup material in Russia and Ukraine, without losing the quality of beauty and sex.

hook up russians

Where to find a Russian girl for hookup without rip-offs

There are many casual dating platforms today, for meeting Russian and Ukrainian girls. Some of them are free and other ones are paid. There’s no sole answer which type is better.

You can easily find a low-budget lover on free Russian dating apps, for example, some provincial girl who still lives in a smaller town and would come to Moscow to meet you.

Otherwise, it can be a young woman who already lives in a big city but has a very modest job and simple looks. Buying her the cheapest purse or shoes must be enough for hookuping.

But there are also girls who’d be with you for a beer or a cup of tea. You think it’s impossible? Maybe you think such things happen only in the Philippines or Cuba.

However, there is indeed one particular physical type of women in any country who are ready to have sex easily with a stranger without expecting a reward, just because they want.

Of course, in this case you sacrifice the quality of the beauty, because easy girls are usually of shorter height, they have round faces, short fingers, their legs aren’t of perfect shape, and so on.

But they can be pretty, still. If you find this type, just chose a girl with the cutest face, sincere smile, naive enough and not too materialistic, and you’ll have the best one-night-stand ever.

Well, if you’re very picky and want to hook up cheaply without losing the quality, there is another tip for you. There are independent women in Ukraine and Russia who want sex only.

That is a high class category, since they usually place good positions at work or have their own businesses. But they cannot find a good lover among local men.

It shouldn’t surprise you, there is a well-known saying in Russia that if a woman wants a husband – she needs to chose a boring man, but if she wants a lover – she needs a bad guy.hook up Russian girls

Unfortunately, bad guys in Russia are way too bad and even dangerous for choosing them. All the terrifying criminal news consist of such bad guy stories. While women want safe sex affairs.

Those well-groomed businesswomen are much more refined and gracious than the category described above. Plus, they don’t need you to present or buy anything in order to get laid.

No matter which perfumes or lingerie you purchase for them, they already have better items. So just don’t worry and set up a meeting, they may rent something luxurious for it.

It would be a mistake to think that such a lady would hurry up to make love to just any average technician from the west though. She would need a special attitude and treatment.

First of all, successful women from Russia prefer to register on paid dating sites, even on costly ones since they consider them elite and trustworthy. So it’s the first investment for a man too.

Secondly, although he doesn’t need to buy her stuff, he needs to create a solid image of his own to get her interested. It requires certain investments as well.

The clothes of good brand, expensive shoes, hand watches, stylish hairstyle and accessories are necessary if you want to catch a big fish. The most qualitative women will be chasing you.

Make sure to have all that before you take your profile photos, but also bring some good stuff with you when you are about to meet her. Use the number one cologne as well, to enchant her completely.

Wild sex is guaranteed, but if you’re also young and handsome, be ready that your hot business lady will also treat you like a toyboy with lots of gifts and nice courtship involved.


How to disappear after hooking up

Men often want to learn how to disappear after hookuping without any troubles or unnecessary emotions. Again, it depends on your particular plans and expectations.

It can happen that you don’t want to limit your new communication by one-night-stand, because a woman is too sexy, too sweet, too generous, or by any other reason.

In such a situation, some men allow themselves relax and enjoy a longer affair, while the others prefer to escape no matter what, because they need to practice only one-time pickup.

It’s every person’s life philosophy. But if you share the opinion that adventures should be super-short and every day a new girl is needed, follow the recommendations below.

  • Do not get attached. Do not tell your sad stories and do not listen to hers. Avoid any confessions, dreams sharing, and other sentimental stuff. Be cool.
  • Do not even think to let the child topic interfere if she has a kid or wants one. Change the subject or just make love more intensively to help her forget serious talks.
  • Use the alcohol wisely. You need just a little bit to warm up her desire, but later you need more to help her sleep tight while you are sneaking out.
  • Make sure you didn’t leave anything. No personal stuff, no documents, no wallet, no smartphone, so you won’t have reasons to meet again. Do not share your contacts.
  • Have your screen locked when you meet up. All girls are curious and they want to read your messengers while you are in a shower. So don’t let them.
  • Be sure not to make any plans together. No word tomorrow, no promises, no mentioning your future vacations, nearest trips, and so on.
  • It really helps to be a bit shitty at the end. A bit non-thankful, so she doesn’t regret losing you. But just a little bit, otherwise she may slap you or call her big brother.
  • Finally, if she’s too sticky or you liked her too much, call or text another girl right after sex. Smile to another girl, but don’t get too naughty. It always works.

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