Date Russian Girls on Facebook

Facebook is one of the topmost social media suitable for meeting Russian girls. Apart from the opportunity to freely mingle, relate to, and share pleasant moments with friends, Facebook goes a step further to make the dream of dating Russian women a reality.
The use of advanced programming techniques by Facebook makes finding people according to demography possible and easy. By knowing how to use the social media effectively, you can date Russian girls on Facebook without hassles.
Before dating women from Russia, you need to find them. The best ways of finding the beautiful Russian gems including searching for groups and pages with tags or keywords such as “Russia Girls,” “Russian Women,” “Beautiful Russian Ladies,” etc. With the keywords mentioned, the search results will be filtered to only certain groups, pages, or women from Russia. With the results, you can go through the profiles of girls to find your love.
Know that although you can easily find Russian girls of Facebook, dating them requires you to be informed to be satisfied with your quest, because, it is free to sign up for a Facebook account, quite a large number of people join the social media for different reasons and motives. Therefore, you need to know how to identify the ideal Russian girls to date.
In order not to waste your precious time and efforts, you should filter your search results to a manageable size. It is likely that some of the accounts are frauds as a result of scams that have become rampant because of the increase in demand for Russian ladies.

Steps to finding genuine Russian Women

These are four major ways of knowing if an account or Facebook profile is fake or real. They are:

1. Personal Information

Even though if it not compulsory to fill the personal information completely on Facebook, it goes a long way to confirming the genuineness of an account to fill personal details. Check to see information such as from which city, schools attended, bio or info about the person, date of birth, email, etc. You can confirm the person’s origin even if she is a Russian in diaspora. If the information does not relate to Russia, BEWARE.

2. Friends’ List

Usually, fake accounts on Facebook do not have many people on their friends’ list. A valid account will have a minimum of 30 to 50 friends. Beware of so-called Russian women having less than 20 people in their friends’ list.

3. Pictures

It is common knowledge that women love pictures. Therefore, a genuine Facebook account of a woman will have a few pictures apart from the profile pictures. Check the photos to confirm the identity of the woman.

4. Status Updates

When selecting Russian girls you can date on Facebook, select only active persons. The frequency of status updates will indicate the level of activities of the girl on Facebook.
Now that you have selected the women whose accounts passed the four screening criteria, how can you date Russian girls on Facebook?
1. Send a Friend’ Request (This is the first step towards achieving your goal)
2. Send a message- be as polite as possible and express your intention to be friends. When sending a message as a follow-up to the friend request you sent.
3. Chat and Familiarize: Once your request has been accepted, take your time to familiarize with the Russian lady. Get to know her with regards to her personality, her likes and dislikes, and her interests. You can go ahead to ask for her phone number.
4. Express your intention to date her. Remember to be sincere with your intention and confession; she is most likely to give you a chance.

5. Impress her. Call her by her name; Russian ladies love hearing their names. Besides, give sincere compliments on her outfit and hairstyles, pick her lovely photos comments on them.

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