3 Apps to meet Russian wife and build mutual trust

Why Russian dating apps are more helpful than desktop versions

So which apps to use for finding a Russian bride?

App No. 3

App No. 2

App No. 1

How to prove your serious intentions to a Russian girl


Why Russian dating apps are more helpful than desktop versions

Finding a Russian mail order bride is an attractive idea to many westerners. The process itself had been much more complicated years ago, when there were only desktop dating sites.

Today, a huge assortment of Russian beauties is literally in one’s pocket, since there are so many Russian dating apps for Android and iOs. Communication can be 24/7.

It’s definitely convenient to be able contact a nice girl while heading to the business meeting or watching opera. It added more romance to virtual relationships and made them more real.

Russian and Ukrainian dating apps are also good indicators of sincere, serious-minded girls. The system of chatting and the atmosphere differ a lot from pay-per-letter sites.

You see, when a man writes to a woman he likes, between his duties at work or partying with friends, with just a phone in his hands, he won’t accept silly stereotypic sentences from her.Russian dating app only

It should be a normal, alive conversations with spontaneous selfies, that proves every second a girl is real and committed. Many applications succeed to provide this kind of acquaintance.

But there is another step forward in Eastern European dating connected with applications: fraudulent girls cannot claim they don’t have modern phones or Internet connection.

It’s hard to believe now, but thousands of westerners believed in this frequently used legend and were sending the money to such girls to make sure they’ll buy computers and Internet hours.

While with the applications, all is very clear. You can see how often a girl is online, and it isn’t suspicious if she is most of the time. She can tell you about different little details of her life.

But not only that. Since international dating involves travelling, it became so easy to discuss a vacation together or even the wedding organization, sending each other active links all the way.

Purchasing airplane tickets online, as well as tickets to concerts and other events, shopping online for your favourite lady, flowers delivery and more, all that became easier with the apps.

Of course, it isn’t obligatory to stay in touch via the Russian dating app only. Many users prefer to quickly exchange WhatsApp numbers or switch to other messengers.


So which apps to use for finding a Russian bride?

Lately, Russian women became quite picky regarding dating applications. It’s understandable since the choice is big but girls learn to analyze the market more thoroughly.

For sure, they prefer very popular platforms but sometimes chose young and innovative ones as well. Some apps are loved by scammers but we’ll include only legit ones to this list.

App No. 3

AnastasiaDate site and app are gradually becoming the past of international dating, but they still hold too huge database of profiles to ignore them. After all, they specialize in marriages.

Many Russian women, especially older ones who do not seek new alternatives, select exactly this platform and consider it trustworthy enough for finding a foreign partner.Russian and Ukrainian dating apps

App No. 2

Elena’s Models app has appeared only recently, since the site was famous with its desktop version. Their dating services are traditionally good, but again, a man is dealing with the agencies.

Unlike AnastasiaDate, Elena’s Models asks you to pay only the fixed membership price. They check the girl’s real personality in a similar way, but also make sure she is marriage-minded.

App No. 1

Brilic has entered the international dating market not long ago, but its development was very rapid. Both men and women rate it high and leave only the best reviews.

Unlike two previously listed platforms, Brilic helps to find all categories of partners, from casual affairs to long-term relationship and potential marriage. It’s really promising.

For a short period of time, many success stories have already appeared and became available for reading. Although it costs like the elite dating app, the majority of men find this price fair.

Brilic doesn’t cooperate with marital agencies much, it mostly welcomes real Ukrainian and Russian women who date independently. It also offers fresh and innovative features.


How to prove your serious intentions to a Russian girl

Let’s be honest, not many people today believe in a family institute or in honest singles over the Internet. But the dangerous, half-criminal times are over, we have to get less suspicious.

Russian and Ukrainian society became so much more civilised, especially Ukraine that moves towards Europe in its development. The majority of women are ready to relocate and start a new life.

On one hand, they got better jobs than before, and don’t need to scam western men for a survival. On another hand, it’s still far from being good so they are open-minded about moving.

There is also another aspect not many people take into consideration: modern Eastern European women already got some experience in international dating and made their conclusions.3 Apps to meet Russian wife

It means, they lost their most pinkish and naive illusions that each and every westerner is a billionaire in a top rated car who is coming to rescue them from the boring routine of poverty.

On the opposite, Russian women have grown very realistic since they heard from the others or saw by their own eyes that Americans work long hours as well, just to pay the basic bills.

On the beginning, this discovery was shocking to them but later many of them started to seek the best ways to adapt, to improve or re-do their education abroad, to find simple jobs, etc.

Right now their mind is really in a balance and Russian brides do not expect full-time luxury life with a western man, just rare and well-deserved vacations plus sharing the duties.

The only thing they need for getting ready for all these big steps or hard work, is some reassurance that a man is serious. Let’s be honest, many aren’t, at all.

Some sex tourists that are visiting Russia for fun, hide their short-term plans and play very stable boyfriends until they get what they want. Also, they hide other important personal plans.

Therefore, although western singles always have a big list of requirements to Russian girlfriends, women might have some basic expectations as well.

  • They want to know whether you are officially divorced. If not, they hope to hear at least approximate terms when this could happen and you’d set yourself free.
  • They hope that you are living alone in your house or apartment, without another girlfriend. They’ll keep on searching the answer on your profile photos, FB page, etc.
  • Women usually know the cost of fiancee visa, tickets, the minimum salary size required by the government for marrying a foreign woman. They hope you’re capable.
  • Women are aware that a serious man shall always bring something nice for their child or their parents. If it doesn’t happen, they will wonder if you’re committed at all.

That’s basically everything Russian women expect from a serious man. Men are often afraid they will not be accepted due to their old age, average appearance, or average sexual skills.

But any of those disadvantages are less crucial in Russian women’s eyes than the lack of serious attitude. They need to know they can fall in love safely and relocate safely too.

These keys to the girls’ hearts work pretty well, especially if they are wise and mature enough to appreciate stability or to have real family interests. Usually, these are girls over 25.

However, it is really advised not to use these keys against the girls, and not to give fake promises or fake info when one’s search purpose is just a summer fling in Ukraine or Russia.

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